My name is Raffaella and in 2002 I started to turn my house in Trastevere into bed & breakfast.


It was an idea I had in mind for a year and slowly I saw that I liked it. More importantly, it worked. I invented the name Kimama joining the Ki of the tao (tai chi) to mama’s Big Mama (Black American women a little ‘fat guy who I have always liked a lot). Later I found out that Kimama has a meaning in japanese and it is “capricious.”

During the early years when I started the activity of B&B, I worked in television production, and in the past years I had been working with swimwear.
Meanwhile, Kimama was working out. Maybe because I love meeting new people and above all making the rooms comfortable, and guests are always missed, unfortunately. Who knows why, but there are always a lot of guests from northern Europeans, especially the Dutch, Danes, Swedesh and Norwegians. Earlier on I would personally prepare breakfast for the guests, leaving a cart out of the room, but then over time I thought about what I would have loved to find myself in a room at a B&B if I was traveling. This is why I make each room independent, in the sense that guests have everything they need to prepare a good cup of coffee, tea, or hot milk at any time of the day. Or just have a snack in the afternoon when getting back to the room. In addition, every room has a fridge. Another thing I especially like is coming back to a clean room after a day travelling outside. A clean room, with the bed turned down and with a little order. This is a service I decided to make complimentary for the guests.

In recent years I have devoted a lot of time and energy to the kitchen, especially the desserts. And then there are pies, cakes, cookies, all homemade and organic found in the every room for breakfast. Lately, unfortunately, I do not have much as much free time so guests will have to make do with a few donuts.
But since it is a passion of mine, in the next few days, I will post some recipes of cakes that I really love.