My favorite walks in Roma

February 2015

Rome is a city filled with history and arts that you can explore just by going on a casual walk.

I like going on walks a lot, both in my neighborhood and other close-by areas.

I love Kimama’s location, as I can walk a couple minutes across the Tevere and reach Rome’s historic center. Other times, I like to get some exercise and walk uphill on the path of Gianicolo, where you can see a 360 degree view of the city!

Everyone who stays with me visits the church of San Pietro in Montorio, which is only 5 minutes away on an uphill path! Another 5 minutes from there and you arrive at Fontanone dell ‘Acqua Paola, a very special and romantic location. Here’s a photo that’s actually from my line of bathing suits that was taken there so you can understand how incredible the view really is!
roma copia

Keep going uphill on the path of Gianocolo, and you will arrive at the Piazzale del Gianicolo, where you can see 2 amazing views. On one side, you can see part of the city, and from the other, you can see a different zone, with San Pietro right in the foreground and very easy to spot!
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At this point, you can go back to Kimama very easily, maybe a 10 minute walk. But if you want to keep exploring, you can take Gianicolo downhill and arrive at San Pietro in 20 minutes.

Turismoroma - Basilica di San Pietro - Vaticano

There are many interesting places to explore that are all very closely once you are at San Pietro. For instance, you could go to Piazza Navona, Campo de Fiori, or Via del Corso, all with their own special characteristics!


All these sites are very cool to check out, but my favorite walk to take is right in Trastevere. Starting at Kimama, you can walk in the opposite direction of the Gianicolo path and arrive at what we like to call the “other side of Trastevere.”

Once you cross Viale Trastevere, the main road, you can find yourself in a much less chaotic and calm area. I absolutely love walking in all those narrow, antique alleyways you can find at vicolo dell’Atleta, Piazza Santa Cecilia, or Piazza de’ Mercanti. This is definitely one of the areas with more delicious food. Many of the restaurants here serve avery typical Roman food casalinga style!

But still, the most amazing and beautiful part of this zone is across the bridge of the Island of Tiberina, a place called the Ghetto. Even though there are many stores and other commercialized businesses in his area, you can still feel the history around you, and you can tell it is a special place. At this point, you are very close to the Campidoglio, the famous Marcello Theater, and the Roman fori.

These fori are probably my favorite place in all of Rome to visit! It’s as if you can still breathe in the air from 200 years ago there..

Turismoroma - Fori

Let me know if you found this itinerary helpful, and if you have any other questions/feedback.

See you soon!